im not a fan of football

but yesterday En.Suami insisted on watching footie on tv..

Piala pesta merdeka..Malaysia vs Myanmar

well as i say im not a fan..

But yesterday i was yelling and screaming like a mad coach at the field

“oi!tak makan ke?kejar la bola!!”

“oi apadaa!!main kasar,tolak-tolak orang plak myanmar ni”

suddenly while watching intensely,the channel change..HA!

En.Suami purposely change the channel..he said

“orang tengok releks je..dia plak terlompat-lompat,terajang-terajang,nak tengok elok-elok lah”

i was like..”bila masa plak dila terajang-terajang?”

hahaha..i didnt notice i was like jumping up and down,my feet was like in the air when the myanmar players was so rude…..i did notice i was yelling,and screaming…hahaha

En.Suami said “terperanjat baby tu..kesian dia”

and i said “kita tengok bola bukan chess pun..”


we resume watching and i had to promise not to terajang-terjang and lompat-lompat anymore.

well..my yelling and lompat-lompat paid off…as malaysia win 3-1…hahhaha

en.Suami and i were giving high fives,and we did enjoyed watching the footie,(well he did yell once or twice…hahahah)



2 Responses to “::3-1::”

  1. taichee~@! Says:



    Its all in the Mama Intan's genes la!
    Bukan kata tgk bola! Tgk golf pun ehehe..

    Betul kata En. Iswari, jaga anak tu betul2! Makan elok2! k!


  2. Miss BumbleBee Says:

    tgk tak scene, keeper myanmar tendang2 player kita tepi gawang gol..hampagas tul!!

    pak ngah kata org myanmar ni cam orang batak..*kahau* semacam…

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