::cuti yang happening::

this is not like the first time we went to zoo negara…tapi since En.Anas insisted to go to zoo

kaknaz had to drive us there,follow suit is our dear lil sister,fiqah.(she is to meet with Mr.MonMon,her fav friend..hahhaha)

those pic above taken using my cam phone,not so much pic though

i was in KL for 6 days(yippiEE!)

En.Suami and i supposely heading back to penang on sunday,but En.Suami had an exam attend
on tuesday,so we have to postpone our departure till wednesday.

i have fun..its like returning to the nest were i once belong (and forever will)

we went to petrosains,aquaria…jalan2 makan piza kat JASIMA…hahahah


mama even cooked ketam for me,and also sphagetti goreng,and lots more!

i am craving u know…hahahah

come wednesday,we have to head back to penang…

i was so the berat hati,but i have to..i was crying after plaza toll Sungai Buloh,En Suami calming me by saying

“emosi tak stabil tu,biasa la pregnant…”

he hugged mw with one arm (because the other one is steering the wheel..heheh..dangerous ok..)

still i was sobbing until Tapah!…hohohihoo

p/s::crying without reason…


3 Responses to “::cuti yang happening::”

  1. Arin Says:

    Emo tak menentu during pregnant..standard le tuh…jasima nye pizza best ke?azwar selalu cakap " ntah mana2 mat salleh le dia amik suh buat pizza"..hehehhe…

  2. Anasfadilah Says:

    sedap sanagat pizza tu..

    mat salleh tu italian..

    murah plak pizza die

    anyho,mat itali tu dah tade,tapi piza die still ada,mamak bikin…hahaha!

    u shud give it a try…

  3. Ms. TaroAthirah Says:

    balik 3 hari nanges..balik 6 hari nanges

    mkn pisang lek lok
    jgn smpai tercekik

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