::my look alike contest!::


its really funny..i just want to kill the time while waiting the clock hit 5pm..


2 Responses to “::my look alike contest!::”

  1. cleo weiland Says:

    Waaa Julia Roberts!

    And Anuar Zain. And Chiang Kai Shek? (Takpe he has an airport named after him)

    Alizee!! Weeee~~

    Hehehe I think I have one of these on my Friendster profile too. Btw is it just me or your eyes look a lil smaller in this pic? Usually your eyes are bigger..lain2 la muka cmne ni.

    Kite kena jumpa ni!

    (ehem2 note to Effi bile nk intro hehe)

  2. Anasfadilah Says:

    i thought i knew chiang kai shek…hahaha!taht eye i call"erni smiling eye..hehe"

    hopefuly one day kite boleh jumpe la cik tim…


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