::kenapa saya tak daftar::

yep,i still dont bother to sign in my name for pilihanraya..

i know its a responsibility for each and every malaysian to vote.

this has been implented since we are in the uni.(Siap ada ‘ugutan’ dari pihak HEP,sapa tak mengundi,tak boleh keluar bandar and tak akan dapat duduk kolej, so reluctantly, i drag my feet to the dewan mengundi and vote secara ‘hentam sajalah labu’, i dont care who is the MPP’s back then,i dont even know them,and i dont know wether they did jalankan tugas or whatsoever,i vote for the sake of duduk in the kolej…selfish me i would say)

so being one of the society,i have to vote for who will be govern our country..samada hijau putih,biru MUDA putih,biru TUA putih or bermacam-macam lagi..

its not a fair fight i would say in Malaysia..its never fair..so how will i vote

i dont even know which party would i vote..i dont know which its true,which one playfair..

oh dear,so many choices…thats the reason i dont yet mendaftar for pemilih…*sigh*

p/s::berjuang untuk agama dulu baru bangsa..


2 Responses to “::kenapa saya tak daftar::”

  1. taichee~@! Says:



    Tu fardu kifayah tu!

  2. Anasfadilah Says:

    tak nak,tak nak,tak nak

    p/s::sambil buat chiken dance…hahaha

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