(im trying to master the skill of html,but im no jedi to do that..so i learn via online..(i got time i got time i got time)…i like this new template,if u like my template try visit suck my lolly she have dozens of beatiful template,and user friendly too, a sucker in html (like me..) also know how to used it…hahaha)

supposely i have to do my work..thats for sure..but im stalling the time by sitting in front of my 4 years old laptop,and browsing the net,until i came with the idea to change my blog template…hahaha.. (PROCRASTINATE is not good for you and me)

im tired right now,my heads kinda dizzy of something (yeah!thanks to the men downstairs who is drilling since morning!the noise is killing me)

::things to do::
1.watch baewoulf and bee movie
2.do some papercutting back home
3.have a nice goodnight sleep (as i really need it now)

One must be poor to know the luxury of giving.

                                                            George Eliot

p/s::pening kepala a’son


5 Responses to “::so…how?::”

  1. Obefiend Says:

    aik. banyak masa layan movie. abang pun ileks…btw. HTML senang jek. leh google jek. takyah masuk kolej .huhuh

  2. Anasfadilah Says:

    html bagi abg senang la…:)

    tapi sekarang ada html generator..

  3. rosealley Says:

    waahh, arigato neh, blehla update template blog jap lg

  4. JeP Says:

    bee muvi best la gak, but a bit on the kiddie-flick side. Would suit your bubbly personality fine. Now beowulf, that's a muvi packed with so much testosterone you'd come out of the cinema with a moustache…:)

  5. Anasfadilah Says:

    pasal tu kena tgk dua2 jep..counter balance…hahaha

    im a funny bee with a moustache to match..haha

    mesti ko tgk angelina jolie..whoop!whoop!


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