::egg shells::

Ever wonder,how it would feel walking on an egg shells?

it feel like dying,every day,waking up,praying it would be ok..praying everything would turn out fine.

i am a bit traumitized..still…im praying everyday,the same thing would not happen again..

each and every day i try my best to protect it…to cover it with all my heart,my soul..and i pray that it will be safe and sound

En.Suami,he is part of this also…he pray for us

Only Allah knows..

because it is all in His hand.


6 Responses to “::egg shells::”

  1. Arin Says:

    Beb, good news lagi ka?take care ek..

  2. Miss BumbleBee Says:

    insyaAllah dipermudahkan segala urusan..


  3. Anasfadilah Says:

    u guys me me wanna cryyyyy!!



    *bear HuG*

  4. wawajoe Says:

    hati-hati…jangan suka hati…insya-allah…:along

  5. Anasfadilah Says:

    jangan suka hati??????????????

    suka hati jangan?

    hati jangan suka?

    suka suki?

    suway suwey kemorning istimewa raja!

    p/s::happy is a feeling nobody can contain..telling someone not to be happy is craZeeee!happy is like love..naturally flows in human body

  6. taichee~@! Says:

    Hmmmm jgn tensi tensi k?
    Just be yourself, pray always. Qada' dan Qadar di tgn Allah. Rezeki kat tangan Dia.

    My love for you always~@!
    Taking care taww..

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