my body failed me today,i cant barely walk a straight line,not that im drunk or anything,its just that i’m totally fatique..yes,im tired..i hardly drive my car properly,its just damn dangerous. i dont want to bother En.Suami,he has to be the interviewer today..

i thought i can sleep through lunch break,but my good side say i must go and finish my undone work…Oh,poor body..i practically dragged my feet from my oh-so-comfy bed,when for myafternoon prayer and prepared myself to work..

sungguh malas beyond words!i wish my car is a robot automated car,i wish i have loads of energy,i just wish i could go sleep,like right now…

lucky for me,today is friday,meaning tomorrow i can dooze off at anytime i want…HAhahahahaHa

but…esok ada kenduri..DUA plak tu…ohhhh!!poor body…give me some rest please oh please!

p/s::mama kata..”ingat senang..”..hahaha


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