::apa saya dapat kelmarin::

first dont laugh…because i know its ridiculous…i dont know why suddenly i wanted it so much…becuase went i started working,and having my own money,i did not bother to have it..(my first pay, i bought i cute bermian cat…name Jojo….its about RM500 including the cage,and everything,Jojo herself is Rm400..but,sadly she died a few years later…i miss her dearly,and wish i could have her face tatooed on my skin…Jojo i miss u so much!)…ok back to my main objective…

i nearly begging En.Suami to have this thing..promise that i would play with it…play?well theres one clue…hehhe…when i was small,being like another small girl,i really2 wanted to have one…because my financially wise parents…i cant have it..so my lil sister (tira) and me,build it ourself,made out of shoe boxes…although its not pretty or well made so to say,but we play happily..(with kaknaz hand-me-down ragged barbie doll,with nearly no hair..hahaha)

we sometime,sew our own barbie outfit (i dont call it sewing but it involving a needle and threads..so technically it is sewing…hahaha…macam jahit guni je aku tengok..)..its not pretty but we satisfied on what we have at that time..playing with the shoe boxes as the doll house and the ragged barbie doll,we are happy for that time being.

and today…suddenly my inner child wanted it so much…i cried to En.Suami,begging,really wanting it..

so on Monday,En.Suami bought me for half of it original price..

its a doll house..complete with its own dolls and fixture…hahaha..its childish i know,but i love it!
thank you so much En.Suami ku chomel!lalalala

p/s::maybe its pregnancy hormone that make me feel childish…maybe?


4 Responses to “::apa saya dapat kelmarin::”

  1. JeP Says:

    haruslah blaming it on the hormones kan…:)

  2. Anasfadilah Says:


  3. Ms. TaroAthirah Says:

    haha… best ke main? dulu kalo kite dua main, mesti ade satu doll watak jahat, jadi hantu la…pastu mesti kite mainkan die ala superman, terbang2…haha…kelako2

  4. Anasfadilah Says:

    tira::mestilah ingat…ntahapehapentah…jadi hantu la terbang la…kelakar gile…tapi seronok kan?rindu time kecik2 dulu2

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