::what ive learn today::

despite im at work today..but because i have plenty of time (sample baru tade,so mari kita belajar something useful.)

i want my blog are fun to read,so i add some emoticons (emotion icons)..at first i try using the normal html,but it doesnt fit nicely to my page…so,after doing some googling, i found a site,on how to install ur own emoticons on u toolbar for blogspot..but u have to use Firefox as ur browser,and u need to add on greesemonkey to enable u to add on some friendly scripts (at first i dont know what is scripts,but the computer does the installing for u,so no need to worry about it..)..want to know how to install this cool emoticons click HERE!…its really easy…as i am also a blind in HTML and CSS..but luckily i know a bit of HTML…so it made it a lot easier..(lagipun ada abg effi,so saya boleh minta tolong die…wink)

i onced used IE7 and opera for my web browser,but at the end i choose firefox,because of they are much faster..so my blog is best viewed using Firefox.

this is SOME my emoticons

the bunny and pucca thingy are cute but its too big,but u can resize,its simple..

p/s::saya belajar menggunakan bahan dari internet saje…terer jugak kan?


3 Responses to “::what ive learn today::”

  1. fariza Says:

    byknyer entry satu hari..hehehe seronok baca celoteh ibu mengandung ni..

  2. Daniel Goldman Says:

    Your blog is viewed just fine in the Opera browser too! 🙂

    Opera Software

  3. Anasfadilah Says:

    along::keje ada,tapi bos kasi rehat la along…hahaha…tu yg menulis je ni…haha

    daniel::wll…ok. 😉

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