::Lets Learn baby signs language!::

ive read an article about baby sign language…its kinda cool..(sesiapa pernah tgk movie Meet The Focker’s or Parents…ada baby boy ni pandai baby sign laguage..)…When i delivered my baby,absolutely i want to try sign language with my baby..so we can ‘communicate’ in style..hehehe

Your baby will start talking at around 2 years old, but she can actually communicate with you using her hands much earlier than that – as early as 6 months old! Imagine your baby being able to share with you that he needs a diaper change or would like some milk, or that his tummy aches using sign language instead of fussing, crying, and whining.

Teaching your baby sign language can be very rewarding, but first you need to learn how to do it.

to learn baby sign language click HERE!..saya nak bereksperimen dan mencuba sign language nak tgk sama ada ia berhasil atau tidak…hehehe

p/s::nasib la anak,dapat bunda org sains..semua nak eksperimen…biggrin


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