::my little gymnast::

i was sitting intently in front of the TV watching Simon Cowell compliment one of the singer wannabes in American Idol..suddenly i feel a little flutter on my left lower abdomen..ticklish feeling…i laughed a little…my baby certainly is making his/her move..(apalah agaknye baby tgh buat dalam perut bunda ni…lasak-lasak la sayang,bunda tak kisah,ayahda je pesan dgn lasak sgt,pasal dia kesian tgk bunda ni..wink)

the little flutter really fascinate me for a moment,as my baby announcing that (s)he is in my womb…(ye sayang,bunda tahu kamu ada dalam ni,bunda harap kamu sihat..)…a feeling that i certainly cant describe (nafa tanya “apa rasa baby gerak2 erni?”..) suasah sgt nak describe tak tahu macam mana nak cerita (jadi saya bagitau nafa “rasa geli-geli macam tu”..)

from what ive read,my baby sekarang dah mula winking,smirking,toss and turning,kicking and poking around….the movement maybe small and hardly u can feel it…but i already feel my baby movement,sometime…(pasal bunda suka tak duduk diam…)…Also,according to the article i have read,pregnant women often mistaken it by passing gas..

my baby sure tgh ber acrobatic dalam womb maybe dia kata “wehoo!!seronoknye pusing2,nak try triple loop la hari ni dalam perut bunda…lalalla…..wehoo!!”*



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