Deciding between Cloverfield,Meet the Spartans,P2 and Rambo…En.Suami and i decided to watched Rambo…i m not a fan of rambo..because i think rambo can dodge all the bullets,mortars and even claymore..he is one piece of meat yg susah mahu mati..

i dont have a good feeling about this movie,because im preggie and i dont need those THX surround sound to shake my baby badly….(citer rambo sah-sah sound effect senapang semua kan?)…and truthfully deep down my heart im not a fan of dead body laying around (eurghh!i hate war…why do you need to kill all the innocent! its not fair!!)

after a few see no evil hear no evil..rambo 4 is ok lah…rolleyes…akhirnya seperti biasa hero mesti la menang…ada rambo,mana boleh kalah…hand made machete lagi tu rambo guna…pasal pisau rambo dia dah tade kot..utk pregnant woman yg lemah semangat sedari dulu lagi,toksah la seksa diri tgk…banyak darah,putus kepala,berkecai badan,tangan, kepala…tapi takpe Rambo is there to save the daybiggrin

p/s::tak puas hati commander gay itu mati kene tikam je..apa daa…tak cool langsung.


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