::long awaited vacation::

today i must go visit Dr.Arbaie….another baby scan to make sure si chomel ok..this is like our first vacation as a family (yes family…plus si chomel in the womb..hehehe)…suppose its ok to travel at 17 weeks…InsyaAlah…)

have obtained the passport..we will be schedule to fly on Friday morning..

nanti jumpa Dr.Arbaie nak minta::

1.pain killer (this is for En.Suami)
2.ubat cirit birit (will…travelling in a different countries yg kita tak biasa makanan dia…perut meragam…tak pasal..)

tak fly jauh…sepelaung je…hehehe…tak boleh celen bakal nenda yang nak bercuti ke Isketambola membawa bakal auntie fikah…*jelesssss*

p/s::mama kata bahagian kami semua ada…InsyaAllah…amin…wehooo!



One Response to “::long awaited vacation::”

  1. Arin Says:

    Gie mana?Jgn lupe ole-ole untuk hanum..hehehhee..

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