(berehat jap dari cerita baby,cerita laen plak k…)

this is Chichak (saya la bagi nama pika26pika26pika26….hehehe). He is one of En.Suami exotic pets..) i dont hate reptilia but i just not into them..they are scaly, they dont have furs like cats..other then a pet iguana En.Suami also have a ball python ( a mini python..). she is beautiful (mind u,i dont have the picture,maybe nanti i ask En.Suami to picture her ok..(tapi nama dia apa ntah,saya letak nama die joji ajelah….hahaha…suka2 hati je letak nama…wehooo!)..En.Suami also have a pet tarantula (tarantula la kot, spider as big as a dinner plate.exaggerate terlebih plak,tapi dia bulu2 la spidey ni…i loathe spiders…euwwww!iyekk! ) luckily,spidey ni dah mati…hahaha

tapi….semalam Chichak dah tade,bukan mati…tapi En.Suami dah jual kat kawan die…sedey plak tade si Chichak ni (saya suka greet Chicak macam ni “Hellooo! Chichak comelll!!”)..Chichak cantik pasal kaler die hijo fluorescent (mau tak cantik,En.Suami bagi dia makan sayur salad tu..)

and here is a song from rascall flatts and nitrus (my songs for now…hear the lyrics..is a lovely songs)

p/s::happy listening

4 Responses to “::Chichak::”

  1. Miss BumbleBee Says:

    yeah, hujung dunia sgt best!

  2. Anasfadilah Says:

    i heard that song from u happy contest la kak yan…hehehe

  3. Shima Sapian Says:

    awat jual? hehee

    iguana rocky yg aku critakan dulu tu, kulitnya mcm warna lumut! x mcm ni pon.. yg ni shinig2 laaa. baguih

  4. Anasfadilah Says:

    achim::tuan dia bagi makan 1st class punya,mau tak cantek gitu..

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