::lets rekindle::

semalam telefon my friend back in uni years…same age as me,my coursemate and also jiran depan bilik…nafa and i have a blast usik minah ni….pasal die seorang yang manja2 gitu…hehehe…Puan Sabrina jgn marah aaa..

She is now married,5 month preggy same as me and living in Subang..phoning her is the only method i can get her news…(apa la ko ni Sab…friendster ada pun susah betul nak kontek kamu ni..)

she is fine (define fine to preggers..hahahaha…sakit kaki tu biase la kan…hahahaha)..and she already bought some of her baby cloth and stuff..me? not yet!! arghh! tension la weh…i need to buy those baby romper at FOS i saw yesterday…Rm10 a piece and it is so uber cool..

we chit chat for nearly 16 minutes…laugh here and there…and it was refreshing for me..i hope Sab is fine..because she has small feet…yelah takut kaki bengkak lagi,nanti sakit..

And the main reason im calling her becuase i wanted her address,and i want to post my baby booties to her as a gift (pasal mase die kawen saya tak dapat dtg…die kawen kat ganu…jauh tu Sab…hehehe

p/s::antara my uni frens yang tgh peknen ialah,Sabrina and Asliza,dan yg baru dapat baby ialah pejal and zuera…yang in the line tgh tunggu wedding bells ialah Achim. yang lain maybe ada nak bertunang kot..Jeps,whats the story morning glory?heheh…something up ur sleeves i might say..

p/s/s::nafa…good luck finishing ur Masters ya!chiok chiok..


3 Responses to “::lets rekindle::”

  1. JeP Says:

    aku nak jugak add si sab! nak kasik post-marital present….

    cam biase, x dpt pi haritu sbb jauh. hehehehe….

    as for me? definitely something going on this year. dun worry erni your blog will be the 1st to know the EXACT date for what's yet to come!


  2. Anasfadilah Says:

    jeps::cant wait!cant wait!

  3. fariza Says:

    budak2 biotech ni memang hebat2 handal belaka..kalah bdk2 spe dlm sains rumah tangga ni..hehe

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