::termenung,termanggu seketika::

bunda is tired today due to jalan-jalan balik KL..

although im not the one who drive,but still…

i just wanted to cuti bersalin already..


thought of cuti from July till September..

although my EDD is end of July…but still


2 months to go!

cant wait to cuti,cant wait to bersalin,cant wait to have Chomel,cant wait to adorn him with all the rompers,cant wait to have sleepless night,cant wait to hear Chomel cries…

oooh!bunda sooo cant wait to have u sayang in this world!

p/s::bunda adalah seorang yang paling kureng kesabarannya di kala ini….hahaha


3 Responses to “::termenung,termanggu seketika::”

  1. Elyn Says:

    jgn jeles by next mnth i dh start cutik…. ekeek cutik tuk pi sopping sampai kejung haahahah

  2. Anasfadilah Says:

    kak elyn::wah awal nye dah cuti!!best best…jeles ni…shopping sampai kejung!?hahahah

  3. Jiji Says:

    ehem-sapa-ehem-ye-ehem-jadi-ehem-god mother-ehem-chomel-ehemmmmmm@!~

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