::Me NEeds A Bag!::

me needs a bag..

beg opis sudah koyak..tidak cantik

tidak vogue

tidak class

sudah buruk

sudah busuk


desperate to have a new handbag!!

::droolingggg!yummeh!! tis is a shoulder bag cum laptop bag…cumillsss kann…emmm::

star light star bright the first star i see tonight i wish i may i wish i might i get a new handbag from alicewonders.com

(and also a new dell 1525 lappie.. :)) )

(and a new MPV)

(and big cash)

(and a holiday in europe for the whole family!! yay yippie)

p/s :: Me solemnly swear me needs a bag from www.alicewonders.com


4 Responses to “::Me NEeds A Bag!::”

  1. Dils Says:

    cute bag… huhu..

    I want, I want, I want… hehe.. tapi 'tapi' mesti ada.

  2. Miss BumbleBee Says:

    bila along suruh usha that webbie, mmg yg ini menjadi pojaan hatiku.

    best eh.
    KALAU semua kita nak dapat.
    macam dedaun kering jatuh dr pokok.

    pssst: kalau beli abe Dell tuh, ada juga laptop case yg cunsss….*geram tgk*

  3. wawajoe Says:

    chantek kan beg-beg dia…..hahahhahah….bak kata Bujang Lapok,"Cobaannnnnnnnnnn….."

  4. Elyn Says:

    kalo listkan mcm2 nk kan??? same with me…. nk bag gakkkkkkkk

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