*Mombloggersplanet cutest baby in red contest*

Izzul Ziyyad bin Anas

28th July 2008

i always love Ziyyad’s laughter and seeing he laugh made all my worries disappear, kapoof just like that

in fact i love everything about him

Ziyyad always had this mischievous look whenever he has something in mind..isn’t he cute?

Being the first cucu in the Saharudin’s family, of course he is manja liddat 🙂

my baby look adorable and cute in red isn’t he?

and he should win the cutest baby in red contest, a contest by Mombloggersplanet (one of my favourite blog site )

the prizes are what i always wanted

a Photobook for Ziyyad’s first years

a year that i always want to remember all my life

there are tonnes of Ziyyad’s pictures in my hard drive,it would be great if i win the photobook

the best part is,Photobook let u design ur own photobook,put some caption and nice cute background

send them in by snail mail or email,wait for several days..and voila

Ur photobook at ur doorstep 🙂

not to forget the other prizes

it is from Alicewonders, my favourite online bag shop

i always love their laptop bags,its lovely and fuctional as well

read about flower power laptop bag here

and need i say more about Alicewonders?

maybe this time i could win one..who knows 🙂

and i found this picture while browsing thru my hard drive

this is Ziyyad at 5 month young..

and looking back at this picture, i wish time would stop

tak puas lagi nak gomol,peluk,cium dia puas-puas 😉

and next month Ziyyad will be one!

besar dah anak saya ni~~

p/s:: bila la nak menang ni ek Ziyyad?


8 Responses to “*Mombloggersplanet cutest baby in red contest*”

  1. Cikpid Says:

    hehehhe..harap2 menang sbb ziyyad ni ensem..mata die tu lawa..sbb bolat n bulu mata lentik..uhu…

  2. Elyn Says:

    chaiyok2 ziyyad!!!!

  3. azzamoro Says:

    good luck ziyyad. Airyll doakan ziyyad menang… hehe

  4. oren Says:


    mungkin dh tiba masa utk buat adik ziyyad pulak 🙂

  5. Jiji Says:

    Kita mesti rindu nak pelok tubuh kecik.. tau tau je dah besar. TAK PUAS!!!!!!!!

    Ni anis.. nak masuk 6.. aku sedeh laa aku tak puas ngn dia. Aku sedehhhhh!!

  6. SyahNur Says:

    gud luck ziyyad.. comey la bujang sorg ni.. muke mcm mixed la.. hehe..

  7. Anasfadilah Says:

    Cikpid:: mata saya lun tak lentik itu macam..mungkin masa mengandund selalu tengok Kajol kot..wahaha!

    kak elyn:: thank u 🙂

    Azza:: hang tak join ka?heheh..azza join contest last minit..pehtu mesti menang punye..ilmu apa pakai?share la sama

    kak oren:: ya betul!saya nak baby lagi..lalalal

    jiji:: tak puas ji,nak gomol dia segala,geram..kenapa harus tumbuh dengan segera

    SyahNur::dia mixed mama and babah dia..hehehe 😛

  8. mummy_adam Says:

    good luck!!

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