::baby booties::

Mind u,baby doesnt yet walk…hahaha..yet i made my baby another pair (two pairs to be exact) of booties!! im booties crazy right now…hahaha..

nak tengok tak?hehehe…

::nama booties ni The Scott…hahaha…suke suki jer letak nama…scott as in Scottish..::
::add some button la kunun kasik cantik…tapi ok la…tak la bosan sgt..at least Si Chomel ada benda nak gigit…hahaha..its baby safe..my booties…hahaha::
::ni nama die Too Burberry..hahaha..macam best plak nama booties ni..::
::Si Chomel sudah ada 4 pasang booties..will i make more of them?wait and see k…hehehe::

p/s::i need some rest before jahit again…my shoulder left and right sudah lenguh laa..tapi lenguh2 pun hari tu sempat habiskan The Scott..huhuhu..


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